Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Scary Life

Scary Life
I have recently been introduce to the virtual world called Second Life. At first this didn’t appeal to me, seemed like a large scale of the Sims.Second Life is a whole lot more you can interact with people from all over the world, create clothes, animation and a lot more. I have also heard that people have made money from this “world”.

After a conversation with a fellow student Mike, I realised how scary this actually is. It is almost something out of an sci-fi movie. We got talking about how this will develop in the future…well in a few years. The whole name scares me “Second Life” why do we need a second life, its almost like we are getting told that our own life isn’t good enough, why live the life your living when you can create the perfect version of yourself, make yourself taller, slimmer, fitter basically anything you want, I got told you can even be a DOLPHIN. The point we made was why sit in front of your computer screen walking and talking when you could do that yourself in “First Life”.

Second Life is a break through piece of technology and does have so many up sides, but people could end up taking it too seriously and it could turn almost into the Matrix, when “Second Life” become our main life. There is nothing stopping technology like this taking over. If you have a better life somewhere else why life the poor one?

It’s a scary thing to think about, it already has a population of over six million and it is ever growing.My final point is we are slowly losing our identities, the internet is providing everybody with the same platform, whether its myspace giving all bands the same opportunity or you tube doing the same to film makers, how do we stand out from the rest. Second Life gives you the opportunity to start fresh, a new manikin to build a better life…
Is this a good thing?
Whatever it is, it scares the crap out of me.


Marks Critical Blog said...

I agree james.

It does seem very daunting.

But from what we have been told in terms of the possibilities the software may offer. It looks quite exiting at the same time, despite almost dismissing it at first glance.

I am willing to give second life a run for its money so to speak.

Marks Critical Blog said...
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